The Junk Drawer

By no means is it junk, That's only an expression! I just couldn't find another category to put it in. I guess it's miscellaneous, Oh well! I threw it in The Junk Drawer.


 Free floating shelves with lights, absolutely beautiful when the Sun goes down WOW! Simply Stunning!


                                                                                        Walnut shelving works well with the stonework, Killer!


  Beautiful Interior Hickory Flooring


                    Fine piece of furniture, Beautiful design. By others. 


Hand troweled stucco finish with beautiful Crown Moulding.


                                 The Layout.


Custom Ceiling Panel.


                                     Tough to see the gold leafing, although very intrgrate.


   Floating Ceiling Panel over Dining Table, beautiful with the indirect lighting arond the top edge.



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"Remodel-Pro of the Desert"